The AL Grant Realty Group Halloween Countdown Continues… Halloween Make-Up Tips

Halloween Make-Up Tips

Is your face scary and ghoulish enough to match your Halloween costume? Easy make-up tips and tricks, you’ll be able to turn your face into one that’ll spook all the trick-or-treaters on October 31st!

Halloween Makeup Tips Makeup for HalloweenWe can choose to disguise such Zombie and then we get a makeup line that is more pale, his teeth (and fangs) false, scoring more eyes, etc … but we can also decide to hold Halloween with a special makeup.

If you want to wear a scary in Halloween makeup so now you can bet on makeup as in the example on image, i.e. by standing in a white base, wasted your image marking dark circles, Etc … but you can also follow the tips makeup for Halloween below:

1. You try a little bit of paint you’re using inside of your wrist to see if you are allergic or not allergic to paint.

2. Be sure to wear your disguise to avoid spoiling the final makeup.

3. The secret is to first apply the background of makeup. Use one sponge for the fund. If you use different colors then, using new and independent sponges.

4. You have to let the background dry thoroughly before applying color.

5. Try as much as possible that the layers are very thin wall for makeup that does not crack.

6. The details of the makeup you apply using a little bit of background in that area and make the colors applied with a brush.

7. Use templates to make the figures. There are a variety of shapes like suns, moons, stars, flowers, etc… To make them, apply the color with a very light sponge pat.

8. You can also add to your makeup with various forms transparent adhesive.

9. To give a more scary makeup can cover your face with a fine coating of flour using a flat brush.

Vampire Face

To look like a blood-sucking vampire, paint your face completely white (the paler, the better!) and smudge black eye shadow around your eyes. Draw in sharp eyebrows, use red lipstick to drip fake blood from the edges of your mouth and add fangs, which you can buy at any costume store. Finally, slick back your hair with gel and draw on a widow’s peak using black eyeliner.

Frankenstein Face

Only a mad scientist can create Frankenstein, but anyone can get the look! All you have to do is spray paint your hair black and slick it down with gel. Then paint your face green and add scars and stitch marks with black eyeliner. If you can find a small cardboard box that fits around your head, then you’ll be able to get Frankenstein’s big, flat forehead!

Skeleton Face

Be a walking skeleton on Halloween night by smearing white paint all over your face and black paint around your eyes, nose and mouth. Use a black eyeliner to draw teeth and spooky-looking nostrils. If you want to go completely skeletal, wear a white skull cap.

Witch Face

Want to look like a wicked witch? Here’s how – apply green face paint and draw V-shaped lines in the middle of your forehead and around your mouth with black eyeliner so it looks like you have lots of wrinkles! Adding a wart is optional, but it’ll definitely make you look creepier! The easiest way to do it is to draw a big black dot on the end of your nose and stick on a few strands of hair from a paintbrush using false eyelash glue (use soap and warm water to remove it afterwards). Black lipstick and nail polish will finish off your witchy look.

Follow these tips to help make your own ghoulish creation!

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