Benefits of Real Estate Investing

Benefits of Real Estate Investing

There are two reasons that investors typically do not choose real estate: 1- They do not understand its true potential, 2- They feel that compared to stocks, bonds, annuities, etc, real estate is just too much trouble and too complex to become involved with. By choosing real estate you can diversify and give your investment dollars some real impact.

When you place $15,000 into most investments you receive $15,000 worth of investment. When you place $15,000 into real estate, however, you can receive $125,000 worth of investment. If that piece of real estate appreciates at 10%, you earned $12,500 in investment dollars as compared to $1,500 in investment dollars for your other investment. QUITE a DIFFERENCE!

If you have any interest at all, I would be happy to go over detailed scenarios. Your time will prove very worthwhile. Please call or email if I can help in any way.

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