How to Save Money on Energy

How To Save Money On Energy

With ever-rising energy costs and increasing awareness of the effects of global warming, now might be a good time to take closer look at ways to cut our energy consumption. The following tips will help you save money and save the world!

Don’t let the heat escape! Have drafty doors? Correct the problem with inexpensive weather-stripping kits. Check the walls for gaps and cracks, paying special attention to areas around windows, pipes, wires and vents. Caulk any openings you find. Put on a sweater, and set your thermostat just two degrees lower. You will save about 24 kilowatt hours per month. It may not seem like much, but it adds up over time.

Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat. Set it to automatically lower the heat during the hours when you are at work, to automatically raise it a half hour before you return home, and then lower it a bit at night when you have warm blankets keeping you comfortable.
Help your furnace do its job easier.

Clean or replace the air filter regularly. This enables the furnace to “breathe” more easily and cuts down on the amount of energy it uses. Experts recommend that this should be done at least once a month during the cold season. Give your heating system an annual checkup. Sure, a visit from a heating contractor is not free, but an annual tune up will make your system run more efficiently, and it will pay for itself through lower energy consumption.

Don’t forget the “low-tech” ways of controlling the warmth in your home. During the day, open curtains and blinds of windows facing sun and let the natural warmth in. At night, pull down the blinds and if you have heavy drapes, those too. It will add just a little more insulation to your home.

Hot water heaters can be huge energy wasters. Is yours hot to the touch? That means too much heat escapes through its walls, so it has to work harder. Insulate it with a blanket or insulation bought from an appliance store. Also, consider lowering its temperature to 120° F. Your hot water heater will consume less energy while the water will still be sufficiently hot for showering, washing and other household needs.

Cooking also consumes a lot of energy. Baking something small?
Use a toaster oven instead of the regular one – it uses up to 75% less power. Microwave ovens also require less energy than conventional ovens, so for warming up leftovers they are perfect. When cooking something on the stove make sure to match the burners with the properly sized pots and pans. Using cookware that is smaller or bigger than the burner wastes energy.

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One thought on “How to Save Money on Energy

  1. Hey! Thanks for those great tips! I need to get started on a few of these myself.

    I do have a question though, hopefully you can shed some light, since I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere else.

    Is it harmful to your furnace if you close registers in un-used rooms? I heard it is bad because it creates stress on the furnace since it is made to service the specific square footage of the house.

    Thanks in advance!

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