3 Ways to create better energy in your home. Comfort is the key. An interesting article that could be of value for a better nights sleep or relaxation after a hard days work.

3 Ways to Use Feng Shui to Create Better Energy within Your Home

Even during this financial crisis there are people relocating, downsizing, getting married, starting families and buying a second home. Life goes on. Something to keep in mind, however, is that moving is not the only way of changing your environment.
While studying Qi-gong (a Chinese energy practice) with Master Nan Lu, he told me that I have a “gift.” I decided to continue my education and explore my “gift” at the New York School of Feng Shui. The school is run under the direction of the internationally respected Feng Shui guru, Roger Green.
There are simple practices that can deeply improve the energy in your home or office. In this season of change, I would like to share some of them with you.
1. Get rid of your clutter. Clean, scrub and organize. Make room for new and wonderful things to come into your life!
2. Electromagnetic fields minimize your health and wellness. Move computer screens and televisions further away from you. Even a small difference in distance can make a big difference in your exposure. Pull plugs out of the outlets when you are not using them. Think of options to replace the use of some of the electric items you are using.
3. You may feel unsettled when you sit or sleep in a corner. The energy moves very quickly in that kind of path. Soften the edge of a corner with plants or a wind chime. Rearrange your furniture so you are not sitting or sleeping in the corner of the room to avoid restlessness.

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